Kaulika Yoga: the journey trough atavic practices

Kaulika means ancient, atavistic. This is the branch of Anukalana which uses very ancient techniques and practices.

Thanks to research carried out in the anthropological and scientific field, we have developed practices whose origins are rooted in very ancient cults or even in the deepest levels of our minds. Practices that are very usefull for personal development.

From the shamanic techniques to instinctive movements inspired by the animal world, the ancestral practice of Yoga leads you to discover parts of yourself you forgot because of the modern way of life based on technology and a lack of contact with the forces of nature.

Atavic Yoga is perhaps the most fascinating part of the never ending integration process: this branch of Anukalana is the basis on which we develop retreats and immersions during which we use yoga to explore the depths of the mind both psychologically and spiritually.

The vision quest, the confrontation with the fear, the contact with the instinct, the exploration of personal powers, are just some of the topics that lead participants to discover themself in an adventurous, funny and charming way.

The result of these explorations is a deep contact with themselves and with the elements of nature that surrounds us. Thanks to Atavic Yoga you can rediscover moving in spontaneous ways and a deep pathway to subtle feelings. The Meditations and practices of this branch, become the tools to carry out an inner strength that every human being carries with him in even in the DNA through millennia of evolution and adaptation to the environment.

If we consider Shiva as the “Father of Tantra” and then of yoga, we can reconnect to his ancestral figure that recalls first of all a “medicine man.” For he, unlike the other persons of Indian tradition, it is portrayed as a real shaman. With a clothing made from natural elements and an ascetic and introspectiveattitude, he reminds us of the oldest way to get inside oneself: listening, contact with the elements, asceticism.

Shiva atavic yoga

By studying the science of Tantra, we can not but realize that the iconic representations of the chakras are perhaps the most sophisticated type of Totem in which is represented a real “Shamanic Journey” where the meeting with the “Power Animals” and “Guide Spirits” it is the experiential path for the realization of the ultimate truth.