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When I am 18 years old I decide to study Biology as it is the science which studies “Life”. Life is a big mystery for me and it seems amazing to get deep into it. After 6 years I get my Master´s Degree and I even start the PHD, but I realize that from this scientific perspective I am very far from understanding life. In 2004 I start practicing Yoga and from this moment Yoga explains to me many aspects of life, not in an intellectual way but in a deeper understanding or spiritual way. Now I know that Yoga will guide me the rest of my life.

Since I was little, relaxing and healing others is a passion for me. It becomes more real when, in 2012, I go to Rishikesh (India) to obtain the “Yoga Alliance International Certificate of 200 hours as a Hatha yoga teacher” and I start teaching yoga in Reunion Island (France).

Knowing the big benefits of yoga during and after pregnancy and having experienced it by myself and with my students, in the year 2014 I attain the prenatal training in Valencia (Spain) ” Yoga and anatomy during pregnancy” and in 2016 I get my diploma in “Yoga for mother and baby” in the Canary Islands (Spain).

Always interested in the therapeutic application of yoga I assist to a seminar of “therapeutic Yoga” from Leslie Kaminoff in the Barcelona Yoga Conference in 2014 and that influences my way of teaching up until nowadays.

Fascinated by the Hatha Yoga techniques of Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation I still missing movement in my own practice as well as in my classes. I discover Anukalana, which provides me the fluidity and the Shakti side I was searching for, and complements perfectly my Hatha yoga practice. In 2016 I obtain the “500 hours Yoga Alliance Certificate teacher training in Anukalana Yoga and Meditation” by the Samadhi School (Italy), and from then on, me and my students enjoy the integration that Anukalana offers us as well as all the benefits we can get from this very precised, restorative, therapeutic and creative movement.

Since 2012 until now I continue enjoying the teaching of Hatha, Pranayama and Meditation, Prenatal and Postnatal, and Anukalana Yoga classes.

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