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Francesca started to practice yoga over 15 years ago, hoping it would help with anxiety and panic attacks. Slowly it showed her the way to find strength and start to heal herself, so that she later decided to bring it to the children she was working with in schools. She trained as a Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher with Special Yoga in London, specialising in children with Special Needs, Autism and ADHD, and she feels blessed that yoga therapy is now her full time job. She then realised that no child can grow their confidence unless the adults around also work to overcome their limitations. With the intention to integrate her background in theatre and movement studies with the therapeutic work, she chose to complete the 500 hrs Teacher training in Anukalana Yoga in Italy, which integrates different disciplines like yoga, tai chi, contemporary dance and movement elements. She is now a passionate Anukanala Yoga teacher and also trained in Yoga Fusion Massage. She now teaches adult, children and family yoga classes, with an emphasis on Compassionate Communication towards ourselves and others. Francesca wishes to guide each adult and child she encounters onto a journey to overcome fear, soften the tensions in the mind and the body, and meet their inner strength.

Feedback and testimonials

I deeply enjoy Francesca’s Anukalana yoga classes. There is a gentle fluidity and artfulness to the sequence of movement that allows one to really connect to the present. The focus is on the inner experience within the body, and how things feel, rather than how they look, meaning classes are inclusive, and accessible to all levels. Francesca’s instruction is concise, and her manner kind, creating a welcoming space for everyone to move together expressively, without feeling self-conscious. I always feel energised, peaceful and well-balanced after this class.
Lindsay, yoga teacher

Francesca’s teaching style is among the best I have encountered. She brings rare authenticity, creating a space of calm exploration and
centeredness. What I love most is her attention to each student’s unique needs and her encouragement to tune in to what the body is asking in each moment. Anukalana is such a dynamic practice allowing one to get in touch with themselves through rhythmic, flowing movement in a more
subtle yet profound way than other types of yoga. I believe it would appeal to many different kinds and levels of yogi.
Alexa, student, US

Francesca was a superb yoga teacher, one of the best I have ever experienced. The pace of the class was perfect. Francesca was patient and gave clear explanations to improve technique. From going to Francesca’s class every week I felt I made a lot of progress with my practice as well I am enjoying the meditative, relaxing benefit. Andrew, student, London I have been practicing yoga for many years and I am so excited to have discovered Francesca’s class and Anukalana yoga. I love the fluid, flowing style of Franci’s class which helps you to stay mindful and conscious throughout the class, rather than focusing on creating perfect, “shapes”. Franci teaches with passion and is an authentic teacher of yoga. She
encourages us to adapt the postures and to practice with aimsha – to respect that we are all individual in our abilities, and to practice with the appropriate effort to achieve the most effective benefits. I was recently diagnosed with polymyalgia and this style of yoga has
shown me that “less is more”.
Therese, student, South Africa

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