The Amazing Benefits of Anukalana Yoga

The integrated techniques in the practice of Anukalana Yoga bring many benefits on all levels that you can feel immediately.

Particularly in your body is immediately activated the power of self-healing (vis naturae medicatrix) that conveyed with the asanas and vinyasa immediately bring benefit to joints: the knees, shoulders, spine, etc. making it virtually a therapeutic practice.

Thanks to the fluid practice, the prana (vital energy) circulates freely in the body thus supporting the functions of organs and systems and offers a deep sensation of well-being associated with mental clarity and renewed energy.

Benefici Anukalana Yoga

Thanks to the joint breathing techniques, the whole system is stimulated and coached making the body strong and agile. This way of practicing Yoga has proved extremely effective for people who approach the practice for the first time with a stiff and tense body, but also for people who already have prior experience with Yoga and are looking for a more natural way to practice it. In particular those who have joint problems, immediately will discover how beneficial this practice is from the beginning to open up and move in a tensionless and effortless way.

Here is a list of sensations that you will feel after practicing Anukalana:

  • yoga okMore space in the joints

  • yoga okImprooved blod circulation

  • yoga okEnanched Vital Energy

  • yoga okSense of integration, oneness

  • yoga okEnanched agility and coordination

  • yoga okSharp and focused mind

  • yoga okDeep relaxation

Anukalana Yoga is incredibly perfect for many situations:

  • yoga okReahabilitation of muscoloskeletal structures

  • yoga okFor those who seek better phisical performances

  • yoga okDevelopment of mental focus and concentration

  • yoga okPreparation for deep meditation

  • yoga okDevelopment of awareness.

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