The most natural way to practice Yoga

Anukalana means "Integration" and is an approach to the practice of Yoga and Meditation that relies on the ancient tradition of Tantra integrating elements of disciplines that share its aims and principles.

The Integral and integrated Yoga of Anukalana makes it possible to adapt this discipline to your constitution and personality resulting in a faster way to experience the benefits and the the transformations that these practices can lead when addressed naturally.

Anukalana Yoga is primarily the result of a long work of integration which allowed to regain an extremely fluid practice. The human body is made up of 75/80% of fluid matter and to move it respecting this nature makes it possible to multiply the benefits of asana practice in a fast way.

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Anukalana is helping many people like you who seek a genuine and realistic way to practice Yoga, to break through the rigid and confusing schemes of the modern and overcome ancient dogmas, regaining contact with the true origin of the practices thanks to a natural approach.

Investigating the oldest disciplines we discovered that the fluid movement has always been at the base of Indian traditional practices such as Dance (natana), Yoga (asanas and vinyasa), martial arts (yaudha). Using the most recent discoveries in anatomy (studies on the fascia and biomechanics), we developed a practice that respects the body in all its systems and parts and opens the mind naturally thus preparing to meditation.

"Imagine feeling a single pleasant widespread feeling throughout the body at the end of the practice ..."

Practicing pratiyahara (withdrawal) at this point becomes easy and natural and transcending the body is easy allowing you to get into the deeper levels of the mind and meditate for long time with ease.

Twenty years of research

The story of Anukalana is a fascinating journey between tradition and modernity, between needs and insights. This approach to Yoga in fact is developed to answer some needs that certainly you will come across in your path of personal and spiritual growth.

Based on Traditional Tantra Yoga, Anukalana was developed as a result of investigations started by Jacopo Ceccarelli (Yogendra) in the late '90s with the aim of finding the most natural and complete way to practice this discipline.

Having learned Yoga from the monks of the Tantric tradition Jacopo always kept in focus the idea that this practice must be adapted to the individuals in order to respect their physical and mental constitution.

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With over twenty years of experience in martial arts and in the field of natural medicine, Jacopo conducted a work of integration (hence the term Anukalana) that led him to develop over time the more fluid and natural way to practice the asanas and vinyasa finding later confirmation by the most recent studies on the anatomy of the Mio-Fascia.

"Yoga is for people, not people for Yoga"

The central purpose of this research has always been to give back to practice the role of facilitating the evolution of consciousness through meditation that becomes easier and almost spontaneously when the asanas, pranayama and other practices such as mudra and bandha are performed following a path that suits your constitution and which complies with the laws of nature: the fluid motion, the rhythmic pulsation, the expansion without tension, etc.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Anukalana literally means "integration" and embodies practices that are part of ancient and modern disciplines. The basis of Anukalana is Tantra, the ancient culture of India which offers practices for the development of consciousness in every area of ​​human life .

A large part of the integrated practices of Anukalana, especially those related to Yoga, are derived from Taoism. The Tao and Tantra in fact have many common principles and although on certain levels develop in a different way, on many levels you can do an integration that brings concrete results. Also Anukalana incorporates principles derived from the study of the biomechanics of physical education, myofascial anatomy and osteopathy.

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The practice of meditation in Anukalana is learned in parallel to a path of personal growth based on the integration of models resulting from modern psychology and neuroscience. This allows you to address harmoniously all phases of the development of consciousness. During this path may in fact emerge unresolved issues that disturb the meditation and that can be addressed easily when the Eastern Philosophy is included also in the light of Humanistic Psychology.

The integrated techniques in the practice of Anukalana Yoga bring many benefits on all levels that you can feel immediately.

Particularly in your body is immediately activated the power of self-healing (vis naturae medicatrix) that conveyed with the asanas and vinyasa immediately bring benefit to joints: the knees, shoulders, spine, etc. making it virtually a therapeutic practice.

Thanks to the fluid practice, the prana (vital energy) circulates freely in the body thus supporting the functions of organs and systems and offers a deep sensation of well-being associated with mental clarity and renewed energy.

Benefici Anukalana Yoga

Thanks to the joint breathing techniques, the whole system is stimulated and coached making the body strong and agile. This way of practicing Yoga has proved extremely effective for people who approach the practice for the first time with a stiff and tense body, but also for people who already have prior experience with Yoga and are looking for a more natural way to practice it. In particular those who have joint problems, immediately will discover how beneficial this practice is from the beginning to open up and move in a tensionless and effortless way.

Here is a list of sensations that you will feel after practicing Anukalana: