Christina Straume

Christina Straume
Yoga stepped into my life at the age of 18 and have been a part of my life since. After having children, around 2003 my practice became regular and deepened, first attracted to the physical part of yoga through Ashtanga yoga for many years, and later digging into different linages of yoga like Hatha, Kundalini and Jivamukti yoga. Being a person with a love for sports and physical activity, the full aspect of yoga came first later, when trying to find ways to heal injuries and be more happy. On my way to find flow in my body and peace in mind I found Anukalana Yoga. I studied with the founder Jacopo Ceccarelli in Firenze, July 2017-Jan 2018 YTT 300 H. I'm a certified yoga and meditation teacher RYT 500 in Hatha and Anukalana yoga.

"My passion is to get people to move & breathe & be – and share the experience to get under our skin, to move from a place deep inside, to breathe from within and to be able to just be in the moment. Moving to explore, search and find."

Sharing my passion at studios in and around the area of Oslo-Asker-Røyken in addition to workshops in Norway and Sweden. Also working as a freelance graphic designer and artist.

You can reach me at: +47-90616059 or christina.straume@live.no. Feel free to check out fb: Christina Straume Yoga and Insta: christinas_yoga
I teach at the following studios:
Asker Yoga at Asker Treningssenter, Asker and Slemmestad
Yogafelleskapet, Asker
Røykenbadet, Røyken
I have classes and workshops in the Oslo-Asker-Røyken area and around Norway and Sweden.
Christina Straume
Liljetoppen 2
1390 Vollen