Yoga Cikitsa: The healing Yoga practice

Cikitsa means "Care, Medical Treatment". This is the branch of Anukalana in which the practice of Yoga becomes a real path to self-healing.

Given the fact that our body has the power to constantly find new balances through the process called homeostasis, Yoga can promote self-healing processes to restore energies to organs and systems. In particular, strengthening the immune system and regulating the endocrine system.

But first of all, and very quickly, Yoga can stimulate the functions of the excretory organs, or those that deal to eliminate waste products and toxins (ama) from the body. Thanks to practice so we can activate the "Vis Medicatrix Naturae" or the self-healing force.

yoga cikitsa

The research work done in Anukalana allowed us to incorporate some techniques to speed up these processes. We use bodily maneuvers, self-massage techniques, breathing and above all effective work on the energy system inspired by the Taoist techniques.

From every Yoga practice we can get therapeutic stimulation as well as remedy to many imbalances,this can prevent disease and maintain health.

A practice that respects the musculoskeletal structure and stimulates the myofascial system, already does a good job since all inflammatory processes are occurring in the connective tissue and in the extracellular matrix that surrounds and interpenetrates the tissues of each organ.

A breathing technique that opens the door of the body allowing large amounts of oxygen effectively while eliminating the body's waste gas promotes the self-healing processes by providing energy to the organs themselves.

A practice that promotes the free flow of prana keeps the body healthy and vital procuring also an excellent resource for self-healing. A lifestyle based on traditional principles of Yoga (hygiene, nutrition, sleep / wake rhythms, etc.) can help you to avoid the cluttering of toxins or stress.

Furthermore, a long series of integrated techniques that can be applied during the practice of postures, breathing and meditation, help you to make this a unique path a naturopathic based Yoga practice.