Kalayana Yoga: the acrobatic Yoga

Kalayana in Sanskrit means "Acrobat" and is the branch of Anukalana in which an acrobatic way of doing Yoga is developed mantaining softness and fluidity.

The AcroYoga discipline developed thanks to several pioneers which since the '50s have begun to explore the integration between Yoga and acrobatics, it arrived in Italy thanks to Jacopo Ceccarelli who learned it in America by Jenny Sauer Klein and Jason Nemer.

By focusing on the most yogic aspects of this integration, we have developed a way of doing AcroYoga that integrates the basics of Anukalana. From this was born the AcroYoga  Anukalana Inspired method.

Kalayana Yoga AcroYoga

The poses and sequences of AcroYoga become very fluid and soft, the technique prevails on the use of force and the focus remains the search for deep inner experience without getting too caught up in the pursuit of artistic performance.

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