Anukalana Yoga: The integration flow

Anukalana means integration. This is the Integral Yoga and Integrated.

The Anukalana approach is a way to practice the full and integral Yoga which also uses the integration of techniques and principles inspired by other disciplines that share its goals and values. Practicing Anukalana means an approach to asana, pranayama and meditation in a complete and traditional way but with the help of elements that make it more natural to move, open, breathe and enter into meditation.

Actually Anukalana is born from the research about the most natural way for us humans of this era to do Yoga. In ancient times yoga was definitely softer and smoother compared to how many modern schools have proposed today.

anukalana yoga approach

All eight anga (braches) of the traditional Yoga and the practices that are part of it, are fully addressed in the approach of Anukalana to offer a complete and deeply transformative experience.

Without neglecting nothing Anukalana brings you to safely practice a Yoga that is complete, soft and dynamic at the same time. Asana, practice of bandhas, mudras and pranayama constitutes the work on the physical plane while the internal kriya and the practice of meditation are held according to the traditional process of samayama (dharana, dhyana, samadhi) that follow the withdrawal toward the inner dimension (pratiyahara).