meditazione 2016

One of the main objectives of the integrated approach of Anukalana is to facilitate the practice of Meditation. Meditation represents the highest practice as the tradition Masters have always been explaining that this instrument is able to lead to a real expansion of Consciousness. In the ancient system of eight anga (Asthanga Yoga), in fact four are dedicated to the meditative process.

In different spiritual cultures of the world, humankind has always practiced meditation to expand his consciousness and live a life in tune with its spiritual essence. This gave birth to various ways to carry out this practice. Many of these methods have come down to us and are still widely used in various cultures.

There are so many meditation techniques and many of them, even if linked to different spiritual traditions, have common goals and principles.

Anukalana offers a system through which you can enter the world of meditation and develop the ability to do it using the tools that allows to experience and understand this practice in a simple and profound way using a language adapted to the western mentality.

By integrating the ancient knowledge of the East with the modern knowledge of Humanistic Psychology, you will discover your own mind and its essence every day through meditation techniques proven to be effective over the centuries.

From Tantric Culture Anukalana gets inspiration for the highest levels of the practice aimed at the development of Consciousness and from the Taoist culture Anukalana inherits all the work on the development of Vital Energy (Chi or Prana).

meditazione anukalana engThe foundations that allow you to perform well and deeply the practice of meditation properly and deeply are developed through the integration of the awareness work that has been the focus of attention in Buddhist culture for centuries.

Anukalana teaches you the practice of meditation comprehensively without considering the judgment mechanism that tends to enhance one method over another.

Each culture has developed different methodologies according to the culture of its researchers and experiences obtained in very different ages and contexts.

It would be a shame to confine yourself to only one way of developing your consciousness when the integration offers the possibility of deepening the journey by considering all the nuances of a complete picture of where your inner resources can express themselves to the fullest.