Anukalana Marga: a journey to the Self

Anukalana Marga yoga

Marga means "path." Anukalana proposes a journey of personal growth in which the Eastern and Western psychologies are integrated providing you with the most effective tools to overcome your fears, get rid of bad habits and replace limiting beliefs with a constructive thought based on a creative vision of life.

All of this in a fun, casual and reassuring atmosphere that allows you to melt down the barriers and get in depth with the support of the group and of the Yoga practices.

In seminaries, retreats and training courses based on the Anukalana approach, we always propose a series of elements that offer you a chance to question the way you address the issues that still you cannot solve in your life.

We firmly believe that to achieve self-realization is first necessary to be yourself, your true self. This is possible when you find the courage to face your fears and we do everything to make this thing accessible and exciting.

Among the topics we faced during Anukalana retreats and immersion the most appreciated were:

  • Enneagram: The development of the virtues
  • Emotions: What they are and how to deal with them through yoga
  • Mask away: Be your true self with yoga and meditation
  • Attachment: A vital function to transcend
  • Crisis?: Transform tension in extension
  • Surrender: Let go and flow
  • The inner warrior: Assertiveness in daily life
  • The Vision: Be clear about your mission in life
  • The animal within me: A journey to the lost instinct
  • The shaman within me: Activating the inner power
  • Death: Overcoming the main fear to free up true Love
  • Dancing the Yoga: Express yourself in the most ancient way

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