Anukalana twist yoga

Is this practice soft or dynamic?

Today the world of yoga is characterized by many methods and styles that allow you to practice this sport in various ways. Generally we can divide the various yoga styles into two main categories:

  • schools offering a practice mainly based on dynamic movement (Vinyasa)
  • schools that offer a practice based primarly on mantaining the poses (generally addressed as Hatha). 

Anukalana recognizes the validity of both these modes: the dynamic one where the movement coordinated with breath produces most of the effects and the more stable one where maintaining the poses makes it possible to treat with greater precision alignments and openings developing great awareness.

Anukalana distinguishes the dynamic practice from the introspective one referring to fundamental principles of Tantra:

  • Shiva (introspective)
  • Shakti (dynamic)

These are the two poles of a continuum we use to create sequences that respond to one or to both of these principles in a harmonious way.

meditation rocks yoga

Breath is life. Breathing properly is to live healthy and Yoga helps you to achieve this condition in many ways.

Often, however, the various schools of yoga have different points of view (often correct) about the best way to breathe ... and this creates confusion in the mind of new practitioners.

There are many ways to breathe and Anukalana Yoga makes you discover that there is not a right way but rather the best way to breathe depending on what you do or who you want to reach.

If there were no tensions, how would the human body breathe? What is the most natural way to breathe?

The answer is hidden behind the fact that we don't breathe just with lungs!

To find out about this we did a long research, we worked hard to bring to light the deep connections that the old yogis had already highlighted but which in our era tend to be buried by a chaotic rhythm of life, and an approach to practice Yoga often too shallow .

meditazione 2016

One of the main objectives of the integrated approach of Anukalana is to facilitate the practice of Meditation. Meditation represents the highest practice as the tradition Masters have always been explaining that this instrument is able to lead to a real expansion of Consciousness. In the ancient system of eight anga (Asthanga Yoga), in fact four are dedicated to the meditative process.

In different spiritual cultures of the world, humankind has always practiced meditation to expand his consciousness and live a life in tune with its spiritual essence. This gave birth to various ways to carry out this practice. Many of these methods have come down to us and are still widely used in various cultures.

There are so many meditation techniques and many of them, even if linked to different spiritual traditions, have common goals and principles.

Anukalana offers a system through which you can enter the world of meditation and develop the ability to do it using the tools that allows to experience and understand this practice in a simple and profound way using a language adapted to the western mentality.

Anukalana Marga yoga

Marga means "path." Anukalana proposes a journey of personal growth in which the Eastern and Western psychologies are integrated providing you with the most effective tools to overcome your fears, get rid of bad habits and replace limiting beliefs with a constructive thought based on a creative vision of life.

All of this in a fun, casual and reassuring atmosphere that allows you to melt down the barriers and get in depth with the support of the group and of the Yoga practices.

In seminaries, retreats and training courses based on the Anukalana approach, we always propose a series of elements that offer you a chance to question the way you address the issues that still you cannot solve in your life.

We firmly believe that to achieve self-realization is first necessary to be yourself, your true self. This is possible when you find the courage to face your fears and we do everything to make this thing accessible and exciting.