If you never tried Anukalana you can start from here:

yoga okImmersions: long retreats where you can learn the priciples and the theory

yoga okSeminars: short retreats (a weekend) to learn the practice

yoga okMasterclasses: theory and practice classes with technical focus. Usually 3-4 hours or a full day.

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Every reatreat of Anukalana Yoga has a main theme around which we develop personal growth and spiritual experience. In retreats you can practice this fluid and natural approach to Yoga and know yourself in a fun atmosphere and deep at the same time.

The Masterclasses and the Anukalana Workshops are events where you can learn the basics of this approach to yoga and learn how to integrate them into your practice to experience typical benefits of this natural way of moving, open up and stretch.

Anukalana Yoga Teacher Training is a great oppurtunity to bring your skills forward and learn all you need to create amazing yoga classes and masterclass.

Both the introspective and dynamic sides of Yoga will be covered trough the practice and study of Meditation, Asanas, Pranayama, Vinyasas, Science and Philosophy of traditional and modern Yoga.

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You can become an Anukalana Yoga Certified Teacher trough our courses: 

  • Intensive teacher training: (Bilingual: Italian/English) a 300hrs course given in residential formula during a 24 days retreat, usually in summer in Tuscany (Italy).
  • Weekends Formula: (only in Italian) 400hrs (including home work) over two years. 9 weekends sessions each year.

Both courses are registered intenrationally with Yoga Alliance and nationally (italy) with C.S.E.N. 

To find out more details for this trainings visit the Samadhi Ssd School web site: 

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